Monday, December 6, 2010

Six Tips For Hiring Successful Telephone Sales Powerhouses

Hiring strong telephone sales professionals is absolutely vital in order to create success for your company. Talented telephone sales pros know how to increase your profits while creating a positive image for your business in the minds of customers. There are several things to think about when trying to hire telephone sales professionals.
This article contains the top six strategies to keep in mind when you begin hiring extraordinary telephone sales professionals such as: why you should confirm the candidate's experience, calling their references, asking for qualified referrals, conducting phone auditions, looking at the numbers and listening to your intuition.
The first key for finding qualified telemarketers is to review their past telemarketing experience. The last thing you want to do is hire telemarketers without experience because this is a tough business and you want to know that your team can handle it.
Tip number two to employing good telephone salespeople is to properly confirm their references. Their previous employer or client can let you know exactly how this candidate has been at achieving their sales goals and maintaining a professional image.
Tip number three for finding qualified telemarketers is to seek qualified business referrals especially from other business owners in comparable fields. If you know a business that has achieved excellent results with their telesales pros, you should ask how they hired them so you can pursue the same method for finding competent telemarketer that get results for your business.
The fourth key to employing good telephone salespeople is to give them a phone interview. This interview should be like an "audition" for the job and you can even ask potential salespeople to role-play a sales call with you.
Tip number five for finding qualified telemarketers is to validate their history of results if at all feasible. Bona fide professional telemarketers have their closing ratios memorized and can easily provide you with their sales numbers, because being an professional means knowing how many numbers they have to call before they make a sale.
The sixth and final key to employing good telephone salespeople is to trust your instincts. Once you have spoken to the potential candidates on the phone you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of impression they will make on your clients and how they will represent your company.
"Ahead of the game" telephone sales professionals will help to increase your sales. Finding the right telesales pros to work for your business can be a challenge, but once you find them they are invaluable. In fact, they have the ability to determine the success or failure of your business.

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